Kennedy Filbert

Lead Vocals & Guitar

Sajaly Awadh Sharif

Vocals & Guitar

Ally Omary Chacha

African Drums

Gervas Nzigilwa

Drum Set

Ze Spirits

Ze Spirits Band is a group of young, talented and enthusiastic musicians from the Tanzanian east coastal town of Bagamoyo. Since 2010 they stand together as a band creating Afrofusion sound inspired by the Tanzanian vibe of traditional dances, songs and rhythms with the addition of a contemporary style.

Initially they started as a traditional and contemporary dance group in 2008 when the common idea of empowering the people through music brought them together as a band. In Tanzania and other African countries Ze Spirits Band is well known for their energetic live performances and for engaging the audience with their dynamic combination of grooves and percussions..

Ze Spirits proved their talent on the live stage in a number of festivals like the Karibu International Music Festival (Bagamoyo/Tanzania), the Beat Festival (Dar Es Salaam/Tanzania), Irimba Cultural Festival (Arusha/Tanzania) and on events like for Pan African Liberation Day (Nairobi/Kenia). To spread their word they also participated in projects like Chanjo Ya Rusha, an eight month musical tour to take up position against corruption, and in Jua Art Foundation project, to instruct children with traditional dances and music.

The Mission

Building bridges between the traditional and modern way of Tanzanian music making to deliver meaningful messages is for Ze Spirits the key to reach out to the people. As they say, by sharing their music they heal and refill the listener´s broken heart. In their opinion music making has a strong relation to building musical instruments so they also have sound knowledge of building African style drums. In this perspective the drum resembles a symbol of the association between the traditional and modern African spirit. In combining the process of building, playing and teaching about it a common connection is created.

With their unique sound and meaningful lyrics in Swahili language they pick up the crowd right from the beginning. Their songs tell from multifaceted life experiences underlined by catchy melodies and the matchless sound of the African drum.